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Buying directly from the artist is important to sustaining their work.

Your money goes directly to the artist.

An artist can usually make somewhere between 50-65% of the sale if they are selling directly to you. If they go through a larger gallery, that number can drop to around 10-15%.

One of my main motivations of selling directly to you is because I want it to be sustainable for me and other artists. I also want people like you to be able to afford artwork without having to sell a kidney on the black market (not recommended).

You are supporting a small business.

Personally, I love to support small businesses and local businesses. This is why when making a purchase it is important to consider if your money is going to a small business or a large corporation.

When you support your local small businesses, you are helping to create jobs. While each person employed at the large store down the street may not be able to make as much money, these people will have more expendable income than their big-box counterparts that are traveling an hour across town for work. More money spent in our community will help keep our economy strong and growing.

A smaller gallery can give you better service.

    • A smaller gallery can give you better service.
    • You will receive a high level of personalized service. The owner's time and attention to your needs are valuable and limited, so you will receive a more personal experience than you would at a large gallery.
    • You have the opportunity to ask more questions about the art and be given more information, allowing you to form an emotional connection with the piece if it calls out to you.
    • If the artist is there, you can get a better idea of their process and method.
    • A smaller gallery provides immediate gratification when buying art online

    Buying from a local online fine art gallery means that your piece, if in stock, will be shipped within 24 hours of purchase (not including weekends). This means that your art is on its way to you very quickly!

    It's easy to buy from your local gallery.

      • Buy from the artist website
      • Buy from the gallery website
      • Buy from the gallery's social media page
      • Buy from an online marketplace like Etsy (but be wary of this choice)

      Even if you're not local, you can still buy at the local gallery!

      But what if you don't live near your local gallery? Your options don't end there. You can still purchase art in person, but first use the internet to communicate with the gallery and go over what you're looking for. The gallery can then send photographs of their inventory that fits your description, or they can set up a video call so you can look at the pieces together—a great way to find out how different works will fit into your home. Once you've made a choice, arrangements for payment and shipping are done online as well. Finally, if you're willing to travel to pick up your work in person, that's an option too!

      Buying art from a small local gallery is a great way to support artists and small businesses!

      Buying art at a local off-line gallery is a great way to support the individual artist and your local economy

      When you buy from a small gallery, you are supporting an independent artist who makes unique work. Artists are individuals, not big corporations. Artists work hard and rely on the sales of their artwork for their livelihood. When you buy directly from them, your money stays in the community instead of going to a large company that may not even be based in your country or state!

      Buying art at a small online gallery is also more personal than going through a large company. It's likely that you will be able to communicate with the artist directly if you have questions about his or her work. Unlike large galleries and companies, small galleries are easy for artists to work with because they don't require exclusive contracts, lengthy submissions processes, and high commission fees - which means all of the profit goes directly back into making more art!

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