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Cozy living room with a fireplace with a framed art piece hanging on the wall

About Us

Our love for art is rooted in celebration and fascination with the different colors, sounds, vibrations, and expression we see on the streets as a way of promoting mindfulness, calmness, peace of mind.

It's something that was born out of Corey Wesley's (Chief Curator and Founder) own personal trauma. His childhood with a mother who suffered from bipolar disorder led him to eventually suffer from anxiety and addiction - but it was through his love of art that he learned how much joy it brought him day-to-day--from helping him cope during difficult times at work to soothing symptoms caused by his own disorders.

After finding refuge in therapy, music, and art is when Wesley found his own artistic voice - knowing full well the stigma surrounding mental health himself. And yet he wants to change this for others by using artwork both as medium and message. Art is life!



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