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Milton Wes is the culmination of a lifelong dream for our founder, Corey Wesley. As a young boy, Wesley was mesmerized by his grandfather for a number of reasons. First was his ability to project his voice and make it heard as he spoke. Wesley also respected the fact that his grandfather was one of the first African-American conductors for NYC MTA.

Wesley's fascination with vocal projection and graffiti led him to study Communications at Oswego State University, where he excelled in all his classes on the subject. He continued his education at Pratt, where he studied Social Media Marketing.

Over the years, he has also taken numerous continuing education courses. Throughout his studies, Wesley honed his craft and learned everything he could about marketing and business development. These skills proved invaluable when he finally decided to step out on his own.

The name “Milton Wes” honors Wesley’s grandfather, Algernon Milton Warren, who meant a lot to him. Wesley recalls listening to his grandfather's stories about the graffiti in the subway and on the streets, especially how quickly the art would be noticed after the trains were brought into the “yard.” His grandfather had a passion for style, art, and elegance. His legacy continues to inspire the company’s values today.

Wesley was taught, with the encouragement of his grandfather, the value of creativity and imagination. Throughout his life, Wesley has realized that one of the keys to success has been finding a way to solve problems in new and unique ways. His vision has been to show the world, most importantly those who are under-appreciated, that you can do and be anything you put your mind to regardless of your circumstances.

Corey Wesley is a multifaceted artist and entrepreneur who has worked in the business of creating brands for more than a decade. His drive leads him to develop brands that create change in this world. His previous brands like Flirtatious-T, Urban FLRT, OVAH MAG, OVAH MUSIC, and now Milton Wes all celebrate who he is as a person.

Known for his captivating t-shirt designs, Wesley has been successful t-shirt designer that has been able to capture the attention of celebrities from Whoopi Goldberg (The View) to Playboy breakout star Kendra Wilkinson (The Girls Next Door).

Wesley's career has been the subject of numerous features in a variety of publications, including The Harlem Times, DZI - The Voice, Sincerely Syreeta, 123PR, Faith Girl, Edge Media, HX Magazine, and a handful of others.

Members of the media are asked to direct all press inquiries to Corey Wesley via email at